The Guardian: Finland’s PM passed her drugs test – now for the rest of the world leaders

While Boris Johnson having multiple children with numerous women is dismissed as boys will be boys, a woman having fun at home with her friends is treated like an untrustworthy hedonist, writes the Guardian columnist Arwa Mahdawi
circle image Julia Danyal

It’s sad to still witness the double standards between genders in this day and age. After seeing how Sanna Marin has been treated, it would be great to see all politicians getting tested regardless, including all the male politicians who think they can get away with things because of their gender.

It’s none of our business what anyone including a prime minister does in their personal time as long as it’s not breaking any laws, unlike Boris Johnson who has openly broken laws and admitted to them. Men can’t continue defending this. Why is it ok for a woman to play up but not a man, double standards.

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